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Williams Carlos Williams said it is hard to get the news from poetry. Is it as hard to get poetry from the news? Neither are true and both are correct. But sometimes it happens that, a poet comes along who brings us the news, in the manner of newness, through poetry. So that you get the news in poetry when the poetry is new, when it is written for now but also projected into a potentiality-of-being the phenomenologists discussed. Sometimes it happens that, a poet comes along who delivers the same everydayness the newspapers do, but with that playful touch of irony and analysis of reality we look for in the everyman’s poet. Esteban Oloarte is that poet, a newcomer, bringing the news, newness into the craft. He is that modern Diogenes in the public square, accosting us with his studies in pseudology, simulations; and he does it all from inside the wine-barrel, dancing.


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